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Start Early. Finish Early. Open Early. Bank It Early.

Move Concrete Curing plus Vapor Reduction plus Alkalinity Control plus Slab Protection into Division 3.

All in ONE Step.  All With ONE System.

Put AC•Tech Go-Early Technology™ Down Before The Walls Go Up. You'll Have Everything Covered.

AC•Tech 2170™ Vapor Reduction System Logo

Solve Moisture & Alkalinity Issues in Your Most Difficult Concrete Slabs

When a Flooring Failure is NOT an Option.

Our Technical Support is Always Offered. Always Available. Always Free.

60% of AC•Tech's business comes from customers already facing a Flooring Failure. Can we talk before that happens?


Oil Buster System™ Logo

Rescue Contaminated Concrete. No Jackhammers Required.

Remove hydrocarbons and organic chemical contaminants from deep within your concrete slab ... and then seal it for safe installation of your final flooring system.  

Cleaned, Sealed, and Ready to receive floor covering within days.

Alternative? The Jackhammer Method.

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Protect Steel Structures In A Single Coat -- Without Zinc or Solvents

Try Before You Buy. Put AC•Tech's AB-COR™ System through any test you can think of.

Abrasion Resistance. Adhesion Strength. Impact Resistance. Corrosion Creep. Chemical Resistance.

Any solvent entrapment? Any flash-offs? Any shrinkage cracking? Any Sags or Drips @ 50 mils?