"When it comes to construction activity, every minute saved, saves somebody money!"

Bill Lepito, Floor Covering Consultants, Amesbury, MA

"On the hospitals I am working on, Go-Early saves weeks to months of construction time."

Mark Tisinger, Choice Polymers, Chicago, Midwest

AC•Tech Projects

AC•Tech supports construction, renovation and reclamation projects in industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure markets around the world.

Among our specialty coatings for concrete and steel are AC•Tech 2170™ for vapor reduction, moisture mitigation, and alkalinity control on concrete slabs. AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ cleans then seals old concrete from organic contaminants and hydrocarbons. AC•Tech AB-COR™ is a one-coat corrosion protection coating for steel that requires no primer. AC•Tech Go-Early Technology™ seals, cures and protects concrete slabs within days to speed-up fast-track construction projects.

Recent Projects