AC•Tech Go-Early Technology™

quotes1 100.jpg   Go-Early Technology™ can be installed over freshly poured concrete floors sometimes in just three days. This allows an entire building deck to be abraded, coated and cured, edge-to-edge within one week of pour making it possible for the immediate build-out of interior walls and utility installations.

This saves weeks to months of construction time for the average hospital. The floors are ultimately flatter, walls are truer, and the moisture mitigation system is installed in half the time.

Mark Tisinger, AC•Tech Technical Sales Representative, Midwest



AC•Tech Go-Early Technology™ - 240,000 sqft Hospital - McCarthy Construction - Atlanta


Go-Early Technology™ - Anadarko Hackett Tower -- 31 Stories -- Houston


Go-Early Technology™ - Regional Medical Center - 325,000 sqft - N.Carolina