New Performance Specification Based on ASTM F3010

Date:  09/25/2017

ASTM F3010 is the only Industry Standard Practice for Moisture Mitigation on concrete slabs.

And we all know that Following Industry Standards is a prudent RISK MITIGATION tool.

Therefore, ACTECH was asked by many in the AEC community to develop a Performance Specification based on ASTM F3010  to protect adhesives and construction coatings from both moisture and alkalinity (pH).

Specifiers wanted an alternative to the convoluted cut and paste process using manufacturer’s proprietary specifications based on what a particular product could (or could not) do.

With a Performance Specification based on Industry Standards, product submittals must demonstrate compliance with specific performance criteria. This requirement makes it easier to maintain control of the specification through project execution.

Performance Specifications also limit mistakes that often come with substitution requests and change orders by using a simple, straight-forward listing of the data-driven test criteria that a product must meet.

The Performance Specification is available here.

Submitting independent ASTM E96 testing of the perm rating (at the specified installation thickness) helps to insure the quality of the moisture mitigation product for selection purposes.

Membrane-forming moisture mitigation systems to be qualified under this practice shall have a vapor permeance no greater than 0.1 grains/h/ft2/in. HG (Perm) when tested in accordance with test method ASTM E96.

Selecting an ASTM F3010 compliant moisture mitigation epoxy resin that also tolerates (and protects) against concrete alkalinity up to pH 14 is critical.

Adding a submittal requirement that the selected moisture mitigation product must also protect adhesives and construction coatings from the high levels of alkalinity found in concrete makes the moisture-alkalinity(pH) link complete.

ACTECH 2170™ and ACTECH 2170™FC are both ASTM F3010 compliant products that provide 100% protection against concrete alkalinity up to pH14 (maximum possible). Data Sheets are available here.

ACTECH's AIA / CES Approved Course explaining this Performance Specification can be taken for FREE professional CEU Credit thru AECDAILY.

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