Experts Choice Award for Most Innovative Product at WOC 2015

Date:  03/09/2015

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For Immediate ReleaseAC•TECH’s Go-Early Technology™ wins the World of Concrete’s prestigious “Experts Choice Award for Most Innovative Product.”

Every year, World of Concrete exhibitors submit their products to the Most Innovative Product Award Program—the only annual award program honoring product design for all segments of the concrete and masonry industries. The Experts Choice Award is presented to products selected by a group of industry professionals. This group includes members of the World of Concrete Seminar Advisory council, members of industry technical programs such as ACI, ASTM, and others, and faculty members of the Concrete Industry Management programs from around the country. Experts are asked to vote within their category of experience. These experts are asked to analyze the technical nature of each product.

Go-Early Technology™ is built on the AC•Tech 2170™ Fast-Curing, Zero VOC, Vapor Reduction System that has long been recognized for high-performance and consistent results within both the construction and flooring sectors. Now, this same German-engineered and specially manufactured epoxy resin has been formally tested as a Type 1, Class C Liquid Membrane-Forming Curing Compound in accordance with ASTM C1315-11 testing standards. Applied @ 12 mils over a light broom finish 24-72 hours after initial concrete set, Go-Early Technology™ is a One-Product, One-Coat, One-System total solution for concrete curing, slab protection and vapor reduction … in Division 3.

“Fast Track construction is all about innovation,” stated Mac Krauss, AC•TECH’s Vice President of Technical Operations. “So we’re thrilled by this industry recognition of Go-Early Technology™ as a Most Innovative Product. We spent over a year honing the process of applying the Go-Early epoxy resin in Division 3 so that it protects the slab -- while it’s curing. This allows trades to get to work (and finish) days to weeks sooner. In this one-step application process, the final moisture and alkalinity control required of the project’s final flooring system is already in place over the entire deck -- even before interior walls are installed. No moisture testing required. No Division 9 delays confronted. All protected by a 15 year warranty. It’s incredibly exciting to see what further innovation this new Go-Early process is creating within the design build community and among general contractors and architects”.


About AC•Tech and Go-Early Technology™

AC•Tech is a leader in providing advanced, performance-based solutions to complex concrete coating issues and offers specialized products for curing, moisture mitigation & vapor reduction, alkalinity control, and concrete slab remediation from oil contamination. AC•Tech can also offer custom designed resin-based solutions and products for just about any need through its manufacturing partners in Germany and India. The advanced systems of AC•Tech have been specifically engineered to comply with LEED Building Standards and all California indoor air quality standards. Staffed by seasoned professionals with over a century of combined industry experience, AC•Tech serves and supports architects, engineers, contractors and business owners in the US and abroad. For more information, contact: AC • Tech | Allied Construction Technologies, Inc. | 3302 Croft Street, Norfolk, VA 23513  | | Office: 757.855.5100  | Fax: 757.855.5108  | E-mail: