AC•Tech Sponsors FCICA’s New Certified Installation Manager Program (CIM)

Date:  06/02/2014

AC•Tech Sponsors FCICA’s New Certified Installation Manager Program (CIM)

AC•Tech wishes to thank FCICA for taking the leadership in establishing a standard skill set for Certified Flooring Installation Managers and creating this vitally important On-Line Tool for promoting “Best Practices” in our industry.

“We really wanted to get behind this program”, said Penny Czarra, President of AC•Tech. “This new industry-recognized designation of Certified Installation Manager (CIM) is but the latest initiative by FCICA to support professionalism and growth among commercial flooring contractors. We encourage everyone in our industry to rally around FCICA in this crucial endeavor. It’s a win-win. And it’s on-line, for goodness sake!”

Contact FCICA for more information on the Certified Installation Manager Program .



AC•Tech, Allied Construction Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We actively collaborate with AB-Polymerchemie from Germany and Chowgule Construction Technologies from India to develop, manufacture and support specialty coatings for construction, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure markets in the US and around the world.

FCICA, headquartered in West Bloomfield, MI, is an international association organized to provide a unique network for problem solving, education and support, to enhance our members’ businesses and the flooring industry.  Its vision is to be recognized by the floor covering design and construction industries as the commercial flooring contractors’ organization, providing the highest level of installation expertise, solutions and opportunities to network with industry experts.  FCICA currently has members in 32 states, Burma, Canada, and Guam.  For more information about FCICA, please contact the office toll free at (877) TO-FCICA or 248-661-5015.